Weekly #1: We’re leaving Malta for a year-long trip to Asia!

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If you follow us on Instagram you might know by now that we’re leaving Malta (and our jobs, friends, and everything else really) this July and we’re on our way to a year-long trip in Asia (YES OMG)!

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We wanted to start a weekly series since the beginning of the blog but to be super honest, our lives haven’t been precisely what we would call exciting for the past 8 months: working 8-9 hours a day and spending the rest of it at home saving money and planning our trip (not to mention that it was winter in Malta, and honestly, there is not too much to do). But since we hit the savings goal things started getting exciting again, so here we are!

Let us rewind a bit until this week!

On a beautiful day last summer, we were having breakfast near the beach here in Malta and chatting about how much we wanted to travel and wondering how it would be if we could travel around while working remotely.

Bruno looked at me and said: “What if we didn’t work at all?”, and to his utter surprise I just said: “Let’s do it, I think we can!”. And ever since that day, we’ve been saving every penny possible to make it happen!

Don’t get us wrong… It wasn’t that easy! We had countless conversations until reaching a common ground on what exactly we wanted to do and then the planning part started: How much could we save? How much would this trip cost? How long would it take to save this money? Where should we go? What about our stuff?

There were countless hours of research, decision-making, itinerary planning, and a bit of crying over the stress of keeping this an absolute secret (you know, with the power of silence and all that).

We agreed not to tell our family until we had notified our jobs that we would be leaving and that happened just 2 months before the trip. The surprise on their faces was unmatched hahaha but they were all so supportive, even though it’s been almost 3 years since we last visited Brazil!

So in April this year, we left our apartment and moved to a student complex that rents its dorms on Airbnb during the low season, called Sprachcafe, and lived there for two months. After that, we moved to our friend’s living room and we’ll stay here until the day of our trip at the beginning of July (thanks Renata, Carol and Egemen for the sofa!).



our friends’ sofa + everything we own atm

From the moment we had to leave the apartment until today we let go of so many things: we sold all of our furniture, donated most of our belongings and clothes, and been trying to reduce everything we have to one big backpack plus a smaller one for equipment (we’ll talk more about that next week!).

And since we leave in less than a month, we’ve been making the most out of our time in Malta and enjoying it as much as we can! If you still don’t follow us on Instagram, do give us a follow and let’s hop on this journey together!!

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