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Tiger Cave Temple – Krabi’s Temple in the Clouds

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Lying on top of a cliff, the Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi is well-known for the 1260 uneven steps that lead you all the way to it, and we can confirm: you won’t forget those anytime soon!

It is said that a majestic tiger whose roar echoed in this very jungle every morning inspired its name and although legend has it that the tiger was never seen (or heard) again for many years, the story lives on and adds a touch of mystery and excitement to this already fascinating temple complex.

A visit to this sacred place is a must when in Krabi, and in this guide you will find our best tips for this unique, and very sweaty, experience.

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Aerial view of Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi during Sunset

Tiger Cave Temple

Temple Entrance Fee & Costs

A visit to the Tiger Cave Temple is entirely FREE! However, a voluntary donation is usually expected to help support the maintenance and preservation of this sacred site (one euro goes a long way).

Toilets are also free, and the complex has a few food stalls for a quick snack. Separately, the parking fee for scooters costs only 10 bahts.

Temple Dress Code

Besides some comfortable shoes, you should still be mindful of temple etiquette and dress appropriately to respect the site’s cultural and spiritual significance.

How Long is the Climb

The 1260 steps to the Tiger Cave Temple are no joke! They’re completely uneven and some are even 30 centimeters high.

It takes most people 30 minutes to an hour to reach the top of the stairs and about 30 minutes to go down. We would separate at least 3 hours for this activity, including the climb up and down, some time at the temple, and a stroll down the rest of the complex.

Aerial view of Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi
Golden Buddha statue at the top of Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi

How to Get to the Tiger Cave Temple

Tiger Cave Temple is situated just 10 minutes from Krabi Town and 30 minutes from Ao Nang.

🛵 Scooter: the go-to transportation mode for most travelers in Thailand, a scooter costs only about 150-250 baht to rent per day.

🚕 Songthaew: the local bus (which is actually a pick-up truck with a converted bed that can fit between 8-10 adults inside) should cost about 50 baht from Krabi Town or 150 baht from Ao Nang. To hail a songthaew, you can simply stand at the roadside and stick out your arm to signal a songthaew to stop.

🚘 Grab: the Uber of Southeast Asia, you can easily book a ride by car or even motorbike to anywhere in Thailand in a few minutes with Grab. A Grab from Ao Nang to Tiger Cave Temple should cost around 300 baht one way, and from Krabi Town, around 190 baht one way (both by car).

Alternatively, you can get a private taxi in town, but be prepared for some haggling. A great tip to know if the price asked by taxi drivers is fair is by checking how much the ride should cost on Grab beforehand.

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Tips for Climbing the Tiger Cave Temple

1. Beware of Monkeys

You won’t have any tiger encounters but you will meet A LOT of monkeys on the way up and all around the complex! If you don’t keep your belongings safe inside a backpack, you’re bound to get stolen by these mischievous little creatures. Monkeys especially target plastic bags and bottles, as it usually means food.

Note: Thailand is currently facing a plastic waste crisis. If possible, bring your own reusable water bottle!

2. Visit during Sunrise or Sunset

We all know that sunrise and sunset make for the most beautiful views… but we’re talking survival here. Climbing 1260 steps during the mid-day Thai sun is just overall not a good life decision.

Sunsets are more crowded but the view definitely pays off! There are no lights on the staircase though, so bringing a small flashlight to go down after dark is recommended.

View of Krabi Town from Tiger Cave Temple during sunset
Sunset in Krabi

3. DIY vs. Guided Tour

The most popular tour to the Tiger Cave Temple is a full-day trip that includes a visit to the Emerald Pool and the Hot Springs of Krabi. This tour is perfect for those who don’t have much time in Krabi and want to see as much as possible in one day.

Book this tour: Krabi: Emerald Pool, Blue Lagoon, and Tiger Cave Temple >

If a full-day trip is not for you, we recommend this Tiger Cave Temple Sunset Tour instead.

Book this tour: Tiger Cave Temple Sunset Tour >

The downside of a tour is that you’ll likely arrive with the crowds. Luckily, navigating a visit by yourself to the Tiger Cave Temple is pretty easy and allows you to take your time and visit during off-peak hours.

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