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It’s the second month of our year-long trip around Southeast Asia and while on our way from Malaysia to Singapore we decided to stop at a beach town called Port Dickson for a couple of nights. We were planning what to do using Google Maps when we found this beautiful resort pairing above the sea: Avillion Port Dickson, simply one of the most renowned and award-winning resorts in West Malaysia.

We took our shot and contacted them, and for the next three nights, we had a magic stay at one of their sea chalets. Here you will find our honest review and everything you need to know before including this stop in your Malaysia itinerary!

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Avillion Port Dickson Resort & Spa


The resort sits over 23 acres of coast scenery and faces the Strait of Malacca, in the charming town of Port Dickson. It is located only 46 km away from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and a short one and a half hour’s drive from KL city center. You can easily access the beaches on both sides of the resort and if you’re into golf, the Port Dickson Golf & Country Club is located only 6 km from the resort.

The Rooms

Avillion Port Dickson offers 240 exquisitely designed rooms, chalets, and villas. Rooms are available as Superior and Duplex, while chalets are available as Garden or Sea View, and Premium Water Chalets. They also offer one, two, or three-bedroom Water Villas. We stayed in a Premium Water Chalet so this is the one we will focus on in this review.

The chalets are designed after a traditional Malay fishing village and are decorated with wooden furnishings. Our chalet had two very comfortable beds, a balcony, and a cushioned space in an enclosed balcony that made our mornings picture-perfect!

The water chalets are all air-conditioned and count with an attached bathroom that includes a bath and a shower that overlooks the sea. Love the double washbasin, the private toilet, and all the small details here!

Chalets also have a minibar, an electric kettle with free tea and coffee, a hair dryer, and an LCD tv. In our opinion, a 5-star resort with water chalets that start at 110 euros a night is simply THE FIND of the year!

Unfiltered Room Photos

The Space

Regarding the facilities, Avillion Port Dickson has it all: two large outdoor pools, male and female saunas, a fully equipped gym, a spa, and five dining options make it easy to forget the outside world.

The resort also boasts a pet farm where you can feed the animals for a symbolic amount of five ringgits (around 1.10 euros), an exotic bird aviary, and a spice farm. It is also a great place for family vacations: kids will have their time filled with all kinds of activities such as the kids’ club and the kids’ pool.

Free WiFi is available throughout the resort and free parking is also provided.

The Food

Breakfast is served daily from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM in a buffet setting and it is COMPLETE! Ranging from Continental to English, to traditionally Malaysian options, you can literally go from croissants to fish curry in the same morning and, as breakfast lovers that we are, this is a 10/10! As an additional plus, the peacocks are free and walk around the restaurant in the morning which is adorable.

Lunch and dinner are just as good! As mentioned before, Avillion Port Dickson offers five dining options: the Village Court, where breakfast is served, is open for all-day dining and it was where we had most of our dinners. Crow’s Nest, a dual-level restaurant with a bird’s eye view of the water chalets, offers fusion á la carte dishes.

AviLounge, an iconic floating lounge open for sunset drinks and afternoon tea daily, was the winner of the Asia Pacific Interior Design Award (APIDA) in 2010, and it’s EASY to understand why! The sunset cocktails here were the most lovely experience we had during our stay at the resort.

The Galley, an open-air sunken bar with a wide range of beverages, and The Verte, a restaurant overlooking the ocean, are unfortunately temporarily closed.

Prices for all of the options are fairly cheap, starting at around 5 euros. As an example, a dinner for two cost us 15 euros and the food was delicious.

General Rating


9 / 10

Value for Money

10 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10


10 / 10


8,5 / 10

Note: that we base our ratings on same-level accommodations in similar locations, therefore we’ll never compare a Hostel in Asia with a Hostel in Europe or a guesthouse with a 5-star resort.


This has been the best stay we had in quite a while! The only downside is that during our visit the ocean would disappear for a couple of hours during the morning and beginning of the afternoon, so the water chalets had no sea view during this time of the day. Nothing to worry about though, since there is a lot to do in the resort during these hours!

This might be silly to say, but never have we slept on more comfortable pillows in our lives hahaha The comfort at this resort is top-notch. And the sunset cocktail experience at AviLounge is definitely a must if you’re in Port Dickson.

All in all, Avillion Port Dickson really exceeded our expectations. We recommend it especially for couples and families looking for a relaxing city escape.

This was a sponsored stay.

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