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Fairyland Malta Valletta

As people who grew up in the South Hemisphere, being able to experience Christmas during winter time for the past few years is our childhood dream come true. This year isn’t going to be any different, and fortunately, Fairyland Malta is back to get that Christmas spirit going.

Fairyland – Santa’s City is a Mediterranean-style Christmas Market, with attractions ranging from a ferris wheel, ice rink, Santa Claus and delicious food and drink stalls, that takes place at Pjazza Tritoni in Malta’s capital city of Valletta.

After a break in 2020 due to the pandemic, the event is back for its second edition and promises to bring that jolly vibe from the 3rd of December to the 2nd of January 2022. Here’s our guide on the best things to do at Fairyland Malta.

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Cashless System

First things first: Fairyland this year is cashless! Every 1 Euro corresponds to 1 Fairyland coin and it can be used via a personalised wristband.

You can get your wristband at one of the Top-up Hubs and add coins to it at one of the self-service top-up machines (cards only). The fastest way to get this set is to purchase the tokens online and collect your bracelet from the Fastlane hubs – this will save you lots of queuing time.

What isn’t spent in one day, can be spent on another so keep your wristband safe! You’ll be able to get a refund of whatever money’s left on it after Fairyland closes on the 2nd of January 2022.

Important note: the wristband is only for the rides. The Artisan and Food Markets accept payments both by cash or card.

Fairyland’s Attractions

Artisan and Food Markets

When getting to Valletta, the first thing you’ll see is a large corridor of wooden Christmas Market huts. The first part has local artisans and closer to the Triton Fountain you’ll find the Food Market. We paid 3.5 euros each for a cup of mulled wine so you can expect food to be on the pricier side.

Here you’ll find everything from Whiskey & Chocolate, Mulled Wine, Christmas sweets, and Kreppes, to classical Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Popcorn, and Candyfloss. Food paradise!

Hot tip: If you prefer to have a sit whilst enjoying your food, look for the Swiss Chalet Bar right next to the Carousel. There are plenty of tables on that side of the Market.

Rudolph’s Wheel

The biggest attraction of Fairyland Malta has to be its Ferris Wheel, affectionately named Rudolph’s Wheel. The ride costs 6 Euros for adults and 3 for children.

From up there you can see both Msida and Manoel Island’s Marina. Valletta’s City Gate and the Triton Fountain are also a treat to be seen from above. During sunset and in the evening the Wheel looks even nicer as it lits in bright colours.

Santa’s Magical Carousel

A classic! The ride for the carousel costs 3 euros, and this one is just for kids.

Penguin’s Ice Rink

If you’re into roller skating, then ice skating should be easy peasy – just extra freezing. During the weekends, the line for the ice rink at Fairyland Malta is pretty big so we’d recommend going on a weekday if possible!

The 50 minutes ride costs 15 Euros for adults and 10 Euros for kids. You can get a “Penguin Helper” (aka skating aid) for an additional 3 Euros.

Other Activities

Other Christmas classics are also present such as the Snowball Hoops and the famous Hook the Duck. Near the Penguin’s Ice Rink, there’s also a Gaming Lounge, with activities that go from Virtual Polar Saber to immersive VR experiences. For those with children, you can’t miss Santa’s Grotto to see Santa and the Little Airport which is a small plane ride for kids.

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