The Ultimate Guide to the 4-Islands Tour in Krabi

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One of the most liked destinations among travelers in Thailand, Krabi is home to some of the most surreal natural landscapes in the globe, including islands that look straight out of an Avatar movie.

These beautiful islands are usually visited on what they call the 4-islands cruise, and despite being extremely popular – it’s popular for a good reason. The sights are surreal and, even after months and months of travel in Thailand, this is still one of our favorite experiences in the country!

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about this must-do activity in Krabi:

Krabi’s 4 (or more) Islands

Although the 4-islands tour is the most popular one, you’ll also find 5, 6, and even 7-islands cruises. The usual itinerary includes the islands of Koh Kai (Chicken Island), Koh Thap, Koh Poda, and Koh Ma Tang Ming, usually also stopping at Phra Nang Cave Beach on the Railay peninsula.

Aerial View of Krabi famous 4-islands tour

Note: the itinerary might change throughout the season due to the tide and weather, so check with your operator beforehand.

Koh Poda & Koh Ma Tang Ming

The largest and most visited of the islands, Koh Poda consists of very high rocky cliffs and paradisiacal beaches. Poda Island also offers the most amenities for visitors, with restrooms, a small shop and kayak rentals, and a smoking area. Most of the tours will stop here for lunch.

Koh Poda and Tub Islands in Krabi, seen from above

Pro tip: although the north point, from where you have an awesome view of Koh Ma Tang Ming, is the most popular, we recommend you head south for the most beautiful and empty spots!

Koh Thap – Tub Islands

During low tide, the islands of Koh Thap and Koh Mor get connected by a beautiful sandbank known as Thale Waek. The Tub Islands, as they’re called, are very small and ideal for snorkeling!

Tub Islands in Krabi, seen from above
Tub Islands in Krabi, seen from above

Note: be cautious with sharp corals and shells on the sandbank as you cross between the islands.

Koh Kai – Chicken Island

The mesmerizing rock formation that gives the island its name is just one of the reasons everyone loves it: Chicken Island is surrounded by fine white sandy beaches and a turquoise blue sea, with enough shade for the scalding heat and even a tiny viewpoint with incredible views of Koh Thap (Tub Islands), Koh Poda, and Krabi mainland.

Phra Nang Cave Beach

Not an island, but only accessible by boat, the Phra Nang Cave Beach is usually included on these tours. Surrounded by limestone cliffs, this is the most beautiful beach on the Krabi mainland, and can also be visited separately by getting a longtail boat from Ao Nang to Railay Beach.

Note: don’t forget to check the Princess Cave (the famous Penis Shrine), where Thai couples leave phallic symbols as a way to ask for fertility.

Phra Nang Cave Beach, seen from above

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4-Islands Tour Costs & How to Book

Tickets for the 4-Islands Tour in Krabi cost around 800-1000 baht per person for a longtail boat tour and around 1000-1500 baht per person for a speedboat tour. If you opt for a traditional Siamese Junk tour (highly recommended), costs go up to around 2500-3000 baht per person.

4-Islands Tour in Krabi by Krabi Sunset Cruise
4-Islands Tour in Krabi by Krabi Sunset Cruise

You can also opt to book a private longtail boat for around 2500-4000 baht to visit the islands during the early mornings to avoid the crowds.

Note: the National Park fee of 400 baht (adults) or 200 baht (children) per person is not included in the ticket prices. If your tour is not disembarking on the islands, just sailing around them, this fee is unnecessary.

You can book the 4-Islands Tour in Krabi online in advance through Get Your Guide or you can buy tickets directly at the ticket booths on the beach at Ao Nang, as well as through the travel agencies in town. Most of the hotels in Krabi also sell tickets for the 4-Islands Tour.

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Krabi Sunset Cruise

The number one tour that we highly recommend is the 5-Islands Sunset Cruise by Krabi Sunset Cruise! Their tour is on a traditional Siamese Junk, and although it doesn’t disembark on the islands, it cruises all around them and stops at the best snorkeling, swimming, and kayaking points, as well as a secret beach for sunset.

Siamese Junk sailing in Krabi and person snorkeling under it during a 4-islands tour in krabi
Siamese Junk sailing in Krabi

Fun fact: a Siamese Junk is a type of traditional wooden sailing vessel that has been used in Southeast Asia for centuries. It has a distinctive design and is made of natural materials.

The highlight of this tour is definitely the last stop, after sunset, when you snorkel in the dark to see the bioluminescent planktons. Despite having done this before, we had never seen so many – simply moving the hands through the water caused a stunning glow!

Sunset in Krabi during a 4-islands tour in Krabi
Sunset in a Siamese Junk Boat in Krabi

The crew is lovely and the dinner included is cooked by a Thai chef, with fresh local produce – the cherry on the cake.

Book this tour: 5-Islands Sunset Cruise with Krabi Sunset Cruise >

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