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Welcome to our blog! 

We’re Nick & Bruno, two creative souls who decided to leave everything behind multiple times until we finally set off to explore the world!

We met in 2015, when Nick became best friends with Bruno’s sister at university. A couple of years later we started to date, and a few more after that we decided to leave our home country and move abroad for the first time.

We’re both originally from a big city in the South of Brazil called Curitiba and, in the middle of 2019, we left everything behind and moved all the way to the tiny town of Cork, Ireland. We were supposed to go study for 8 months but we never came back.

In Ireland, we worked all sorts of odd jobs while studying, sharing a house with 3 more people (and a dog), and applying to hundreds of positions around Europe. A year – and lots of cleaned toilets – later, we moved to Malta.

For the next two years we had a pretty amazing life there: we both had good jobs, new and good friends, lived in a nice place, went to the beach whenever we wanted to. But there’s only so much you can do in a tiny island for so long during a global pandemic. 

It was during this time we decided we should go on an adventure! 

We dedicated almost a year to saving money, planning the trip, all while keeping this super exciting decision a complete secret. We told everyone two months before departure and here we are now: writing this from a cheap hotel in Krabi, Thailand.

Our initial goal was to travel Asia for a year, visiting Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

It took us only one month traveling to realise we wanted this to be our new lifestyle and that’s why we share authentic experiences, travel resources and tips, and inspiring adventures with you! 

We hope you can find inspiration and motivation from our posts to chase your travel dreams too. 

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